Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Daily Take: Indians Sliding

The Indians are sliding badly.  They did just win against Seattle, but they still lost 4 in a row during that period.  Seattle is a team the Indians should be able to win a series against, or at least tie.  A tie would be a disappointment and the Indians need to gain some ground.  The Indians are 5 games out now and only a half game away from being in 3rd place.  This is a prime time for the Indians to gain some ground.  Detroit is playing in Tampa and travels to the rival Twins.  Even though the Twins aren't great, its still on the road while the Indians get 3 bad teams in a row in a homestand.

Thankfully the Indians were able to hit today, because they haven't been hitting for a while.  It doesn't help when your DH isn't hitting at all.  It was likely injury related as Travis Hafner is now on the DL.  Choo has been hitting really well since coming back from injury but only had 1 extra base hit until today and topped it off with a walk-off HR.  It looks like he may be back to the form he was at before 2010.  If Santana and Choo can keep hitting well, they may not miss Hafner much.  The troubling issue though is that the starting pitching over the last few games has been pretty bad.  Justin masterson had a rare bad start.  Hopefully, Zach mcallister who was just called up can help and contribute.

Terrelle Pryor was taken in the 3rd round in the supplemental draft.  3 guesses who.  Ok, it was the Raiders and considering he is 6'6'' 240 and runs the 40 in under 4.40, it shouldn't be a surprise that they would take a chance on him.  Honestly, I think he could be a good QB in the NFL.  Its not just homerism, but I think that he could be a better NFL QB than Cam Newton.  Then again, I think Newton could bust easily.  Terrelle Pryor has similar physical skills and put up similar efficiency numbers, plus he had over 2 years of starting experienced and played in a pro style offense.

Joe Thomas will be a Brown for a lot longer.  The Browns just gave him a 7 year, 84 million dollar deal.  Its the biggest deal for a left tackle in history but its worth it for the best left tackle in the NFL.  Thomas had a bit of a down year, but he was still Pro-Bowl caliber and he may have even been playing hurt.  Jabaal Sheard has gone up against Thomas every day in practice and has been learning a lot.  It showed in Detroit because he was blowing up plays left and right in the preseason game.  Overall, the offense has looked good in the preseason, especially Colt.  The problem is, no receiver has really shown consistent flashes.  Greg Little and Cribbs have made nice plays, but the play there from player-to-player has been a bit sporadic.

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