Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Daily Take: Indians Updates, Browns Depth Chart

Its been a little while since I did a daily take.  Going on vacation can really screw up your schedule.  Thankfully, Cleveland sports has been pretty stagnant, a word that describes the Indians well.  The big news for the Indians is that they are basically out of the race, though that happened shortly after my last post about them.  After that post, they lost 2 in a row and slid from 5 back to 6.5 back.  Now, the Indians statistically have less than a 2% chance of going to the playoffs and I would consider that a bit generous.  They had a nice stretch at home against KC and Oakland, both of whom suck, but just dropped 2 in a row to Detroit and are down to 8.5 games back and only 1 game above .500.  Their only real hope at this point was to win all the remaining series against Detroit and sweep at least 1.