Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Daily Take: Indians Updates, Browns Depth Chart

Its been a little while since I did a daily take.  Going on vacation can really screw up your schedule.  Thankfully, Cleveland sports has been pretty stagnant, a word that describes the Indians well.  The big news for the Indians is that they are basically out of the race, though that happened shortly after my last post about them.  After that post, they lost 2 in a row and slid from 5 back to 6.5 back.  Now, the Indians statistically have less than a 2% chance of going to the playoffs and I would consider that a bit generous.  They had a nice stretch at home against KC and Oakland, both of whom suck, but just dropped 2 in a row to Detroit and are down to 8.5 games back and only 1 game above .500.  Their only real hope at this point was to win all the remaining series against Detroit and sweep at least 1.

Well, its been a good run at least and as a fan, I am not at all disappointed.  The most optimistic predictions did not put this team at 1 game above .500.  Even if you look at what they did after that great April, they still would be on pace to win over 75 games, which is more than most people thought still.   The future is exciting with Tomlin as an ace, Ubaldo on this team, and Asdrubal as an All-Star slugger.  The injuries definitely took their toll.

At least let's look at some of the players who are making a good case for a spot on this team on 2012 and giving hope for the future.  Jack Hanahan is one of those players on the bubble and his offense is one of the reasons why this team hadn't completely collapsed until recently when he had a bad game or two.  Jason Donald has also shown a solid glove and a good ability to hit the ball, similar to Fukudome who is a free agent at the end of the season.  Lastly, Choo was ripping the skin off the ball and got me exited for a healthy choo in 2012.  With the arms, Ubaldo has had 3 quality starts in a row, Pestano has been lights out, and Jeanmar has been good.  A lot of these guys seem to be guys needing to prove themself.

Its about time for the Browns season to start and the Week 1 depth chart is officially released.  A surprise to some may be that mohamed massaquoi and Brian Robiskie are the Browns starting WRs.  massaquoi was injured for a while, but no one really separated themselves in the preseason at WR except possibly Jordan Norwood.  Also, Usama Young is going to be the backup FS which shouldn't be a shocker considering the time he missed from injuries.  The Browns have some new additions, but they are not going to be huge players on this team except maybe Artis Hicks who could start over Pinkston in the hole Steinbach left.

Jim Tressel was basically suspended for the first 6 games by Roger Goodell.  While it was technically imposed in an agreement between him and the Colts, Goodell basically said he would do it if they didn't.  I am starting to sour on Goodell a bit.  He has cracked down as the disciplinarian, but the actual cracking down has been inconsistent.

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