Monday, May 16, 2011

Playoffs: Game 1 Eastern Finals

I will start off by saying I have no problem with Lebron.  Figured I'd throw it out there since I am a Clevelander. I have no ill will anymore, I have more important things to worry about.  However, I am not going to be rooting for the heat.  Not because of who they have, but how the team was built, that artificial concept of basically building a fantasy team with star-power instead of a true team with balance.  

Thats all I want to say on that issue, more importantly there was a playoff game.

For someone who has been on the Bulls/Derrick Rose bandwagon for a while, this was a satisfying win.  The Bulls did everything they have done all year and exposed all of the weaknesses the Heat have shown this year.  The Heat broke down to what I have often seen with Lebron-centric teams.

The Heat's offense basically broke down to isolations with Lebron or Wade. One of those two would handle the ball staring down their defender for 10+ seconds, wasting the shot clock.  Neither one was as aggressive as they should have been either and their ball movement was pretty poor (only 11 assists).

The Bulls did what they do well.  They played D, they passed the ball, the crashed the offensive boards, and played good team basketball with six players getting 8+ points.  

The Heat need to pass it better and Lebron and Wade have to have faith in their other players.  The trust Rose seems to have with his teammates compared to the little trust Lebron and Wade have may be the X factor in the series.  

Overall, they were outplayed and outcoached and they need to come out and win the next game or else the series may be over.

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