Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Daily Take: Two low scoring battles

The playoff game between the Heat and the Bulls was an ugly one.  There were missed shots galore and fouls aplenty.  The Heat and the Bulls combined to commit 51 total fouls.  Unfortunately for the Heat, their star struggled.

Derrick Rose had a poor shooting night, shooting only 30.4% from the field.  Part of the credit is due to the Heat stepping up their defense from game 1.  However, they do not deserve all the credit since Rose was missing shots he normally makes where the D really didn't cause a miss.  The Heat got a nice boost from Udonis Haslem who was making his first big appearance in the Playoffs.  He is a very good defender at the Power Forward position and deserves much of the credit for keeping Boozer at 3-10 shooting.  This was a game where both teams played ugly and the big factor was firepower.  Boozer was contained and they had to rely on Rose who had a poor night.  The Heat just had more firepower

The Indians also suffered in a low scoring battle.  Justin Masterson had a great performance.  He went 8 innings, giving up only 5 hits, 1 run, and recording 8 strikeouts.  Normally this is enough for a win, but he ran into Jake Peavy.  When Jake Peavy is hot, he is one of the best pitchers in the league, winning the pitching Triple Crown in 2007 (leading the league in Wins, ERA, and Strikeouts) and the Cy Young.  Peavy has been suffering from injuries the last couple years, but he is back and he looks good.  

In other news:  

-The Browns fired Jerry Butler, a 12 year employee.  He had been with the team since they came back in 1999.  Unfortunately, his position was dealing with players and their needs and during a lockout, he is not needed when a team just wants to cut costs.  Hopefully they will hire him back once the lockout is over.  

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